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Dec. 14th, 2006

Marie Antoinette


You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave...

So, we figured it was time to get organized and sum up just what the houseguests have been up to since Big Brother All-Stars wrapped up. Maybe you think you don't really need to know who got into which flame war when, but this is for posterity, people.

Now clearly, such an ambitious undertaking can't be done in just one entry. These people have been busy and one must never doubt their commitment to either famewhoring or self-promotion. So, let's take it gradually.

The Game Never Really EndsCollapse )

Dec. 11th, 2006

Marie Antoinette


Nerd Alert!

So, in looking through our list of interests, one that I think really needs clarification for all, is bad tribute vids.

Yes, Big Brother, like many actual fandoms, dabbles in the fan vids. And when I say "dabbles" what I really mean is "makes hundreds of slow-mo vids of Will and Janelle". Many of these tributes are bad. Some enjoyably so, some...less so. And many are painfully sincere.

Note: I can't actually vouch for the badness of these as I've yet to make it through any of them a single time without cracking up and having to shut them down out of embarrassment.

Sometimes, John Mayer gets involved.
Will and Janelle - Slow Dancing in Burning Room

Sometimes, they rip off sappy movies, all the better to make the vids EVEN harder to watch.
Will and Janelle - Love Actually

Sometimes, Will sings...badly.
Will and Janelle - Green Eyes

But many times BB vids can be quite awesome, and can force you to watch them in a daze, hypnotically, over and over again at 2 in the morning.

They can recap the final week of the show via techno music.
BB7 Weekly Recap

They can show an occasional glimpse of self-awareness by knowingly embracing the cheese.
Will and Howie - How Deep Is Your Love

And many, many of them pay tribute to the awesomeness that is Janelle.
Janelle=Ass-Kickery, She's Conceited, She's Got a Reason

Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

She wins. And wins. And wins.

Some people even properly appreciate Chill Town, and come up with the best BB fanvid in existence. They can also make us laugh with Scott(Savage) and Bunky cameos.
Forgot About Chill - Dr. Dre/Em=Dr. Will/Boogie=BRILLIANCE

A good tribute can also make fun of James! And Janelle can link to it when she's drunk posting on Survivor Sucks!
James - Shut the Fuck Up

And some of them are actually quite unironically enjoyable and cute...even if they still manage to make Kaysar sound incredibly self-righteous.
Sov 3 Tribute

So, anyone else who's delved into tribute world and sees any glaring omissions (so um, Julie and Fox pretty much), add to the list. And anyone who wants to learn more about bad tribute vids, get thee to youtube and start searching. Trust me, you won't have to look hard.

Dec. 10th, 2006

Big Brother - Veto


Most Interactive LJComm of Big Brother Yet

(...Well, it could be, at least.)

So. We have nine people watching this community. Which is pretty awesome, because that's six more than I expected. (Anyone think we can bring the number up to ten? How about fifteen? Anyone?)

We had a lot of discussions about what the first post here should be. But, um, I'm bored? So it's going to be this.

It took about three days to come up with the maximum number of LJ interests- that'd be 150- that best exemplify Big Brother in its current permutation. (Viewable in the community profile, here.)

Anyone have any questions about the 150? Anything you don't remember? Anything you think should be added or deleted?

Don't make us come up with definitions for all 150. Because we will. Oh, we will. And it will be terrible and you will rue the day.

Or something. I don't know.

Many, many posts to come. MANY. Meta and analysis and blind squee and, hopefully, an easy way to keep track of all the crazy we find without having to rely on sites that are poorly organized. And, you know. New canon. As it develops. And you know it will.

(And pimp, people! DO NOT BE ASHAMED. Don't you want a place to use your Big Brother icons without fear of judgment?)

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