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Seriously, reality TV loves me like CAKE.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a cast!

(link to ONTD, which got it from Variety)

There were more shots of the house, but. You know. It's gorgeous. That's not what matters.

Amber irritates me.

Nick kind of looks like Piz. If Piz were less adorably dorky and more thinking he's macho. Supposedly, he used to play pro ball.

Jen is a bikini model and a computer nerd, and she's wearing a "JENIUS" shirt. I think she is my favorite.

Dick irritates. Also, apparently he is 44 (the oldest in the house). He's a bar manager from LA. I wonder if he knows Boogie.

Jessica wants to be Ali Irwin with a voice like Holly.

Joe is apparently smart and evil. His quote: "Who's gay and has two thumbs?"

Kail? I think, is the mom from small-town Oregon. (Ready for the big time. Bring it on.)

Jameka is fucking hot. And she's a school counselor. Also, she's used to being around black people. I am really hoping for a lot of comments about crazy-ass white people. For the record, Jameka and Jen are my favorites.

Eric is a dork, but possibly a charming dork.

Zach is kind of cute. I reserve the right to take that back at any point.

Daniele is... 20? She works at Hooters, so I get that, but dude, what happened to no one under the age of 21?

Mike is from Wisconsin (Ready for the big time. Bring it on.) and is a painting contractor. He looks really, really familiar, although I'm not sure why.

Dustin's kind of fug. He's from Chicago. He's good at "selling himself". That bodes well.

People who weren't on the Early Show intros:

Carol is hot. She's also single and a student. That's pretty much all I have on her.

Also, they've confirmed both the enemies twist (If you haven't before, now would be the time to brush up on your BB4, people), and also this:

The biggest twist, however, is a game element called "America's Player." In a nutshell, that contestant will have the chance to win extra sums of money-- but only if they carry out certain actions mandated by viewers via internet or text message voting. Chosen player might be asked to vote somebody out of the house or something more personal, such as flirting with another player. Eye is hoping the twist will give viewers more of a stake in the outcome of the game, in the same way auds who watch "American Idol" get to shape that competition.

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