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Oct. 6th, 2007


(no subject)

Have you ever wanted to be a houseguest on Big Brother? Well, here's your chance! bigbrother_lj is an online version of the Big Brother reality TV show. I am currently accepting applications for our 5th season. Go here to fill the application out and send it to bb_lj_5@yahoo.com when you're finished.

If you have any questions, email me at bb_lj_5@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you! :)

Sep. 28th, 2007

Big Brother - 1.5.3


This is what happens when you encourage people.

Big Brother Historian: a wiki

There may be spoilers for all eight seasons- or, you know, feel free to ADD spoilers for all eight seasons.

I feel that more people than just me should be updating it. Otherwise, it's just kind of... you know. Pathetic and sad.

When, come on, reality TV fandom? NOTHING BUT AWESOME.

(I figure that if we do this in-depth enough, this can keep everyone occupied til BB9 starts!)

Jul. 25th, 2007

ESD by <lj user="MRBNATURAL">


Jesserica 4Evas

How fuckin' adorable are they? I'm thisclose to compiling vids. Okay maybe closer.

Jun. 28th, 2007

AtU ::  Because Jude/Lucy


Attention Fellow BB Heads!

I've just posted a BB Friending Meme at my journal. Please check it out if you're interested in meeting other crack Big Brother addicts! Also, if you're inspired, please PIMP it! The more BB fans, the better!

(If this isn't okay, fox1013, feel free to delete :)
Big Brother - Flamingo


Seriously, reality TV loves me like CAKE.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a cast!

(link to ONTD, which got it from Variety)

There were more shots of the house, but. You know. It's gorgeous. That's not what matters.

cast breakdown, off their Early Show appearancesCollapse )

Also, they've confirmed both the enemies twist (If you haven't before, now would be the time to brush up on your BB4, people), and also this:

The biggest twist, however, is a game element called "America's Player." In a nutshell, that contestant will have the chance to win extra sums of money-- but only if they carry out certain actions mandated by viewers via internet or text message voting. Chosen player might be asked to vote somebody out of the house or something more personal, such as flirting with another player. Eye is hoping the twist will give viewers more of a stake in the outcome of the game, in the same way auds who watch "American Idol" get to shape that competition.


Jun. 27th, 2007

General - Pomegranate



TV Guide has pictures of the new house! And lo, it is awesome.

This year's theme involves fractured fairy tales, because BIG BROTHER LOVES US SO.

Front entrance:

Living room:

moreCollapse )

Needless to say, we at streetswillflow are beside ourselves. I mean, there is a GIANT TEACUP IN THE BACKYARD. And a giant chessboard that seems to be identical to the one upstairs (What Up, Kaysar?!). And a room full of mirrors, and hedges shaped like animals, and teacups hanging off the walls, and a room that is literally set up like a dollhouse with child-sized furniture. It is like they designed this house for us alone. The whole house is pretty and purple, and the shower spouts are big lion heads, and DID I MENTION THE DOLLHOUSE ROOM? fox1013 is GIDDY. We want to LIVE AND DIE in this house. We are currently debating whether the little door in the doll room is really as small as it looks, or if that is just an optical illusion (since the house has the fun Willy Wonka design). We are also curious if the fairy tale theme will work into the game itself, or if it's just a decorating theme, like fire and ice last season. And now we are even more dying to know what this year's flames/fish will be.

The time is upon us, my friends. Very, very soon. /:D\

Jun. 26th, 2007

Big Brother - Flamingo


Spoilers and Speculation

So, as you know, we here at streetswillflow do not believe that Big Brother has spoilers. Once it happens on the Live Feeds, it's canon. (As such, as often as possible, I plan to be writing up episode summaries before the episodes actually air.)

But right now is still the glorious time when spoilers are still possible! Rumors are flying all around the internet about what's going to happen. High school rivals? Returning former contestants? Neil Patrick Harris?

Just putting this post up so that, oin the future, we can look back and sigh fondly and say "Gosh, remember when everyone thought Janie was really a man?"

Hit me with your best shot.

Apr. 23rd, 2007

Big Brother - Loser Chart



I'm assuming most of you have seen the rumors that Will and Janie will be on BB8.

But I'm sharing anyway.

Because if I can't squee about this (almost definitively false but SHUT UP DENIAL IS IMPORTANT) rumor in the BB LJ, where can I?

I ask you.

I mean. I'm excited even if they go with the radical new twist of just recruiting ten to fourteen people who have met neither each other nor a camera before.

But I don't think that's fucking likely. Do you?

Dec. 19th, 2006

Kidlit - Jellicoe Road


Share Time

Dear Big Brother Fandom,

As we near the holiday season, it is the time for GIVING.

So we should share. As only reality TV fans with too much time on their hands can.

From the "Will Kirby Sings" files:

Purple Rain
Friends in Low Places
I'll Be Missing You
Patience (Parts 1 and 2)
And my personal favorite: I Want It That Way

As lifted from juliedarling:
Whatta Man
What Up Gangsta Kaysar!

And, because you all need this, clearly:
Flames music

(What? I MISSED it!)

Anyone have anything else they want to share?

Dec. 17th, 2006

Big Brother - Fuck Off


Philosophy. In a way.

We all know that Danielle was trying to be Erika's Jack, and Danielle's Jason was... well, everyone in the house.

But who are you, and who am I?

Your Kaysar? (evicted three times before sequester)
Your Ali? (the only thing left not to win is Survivor, or maybe last name is winner spelled backwards)
Your Howie? (talk about boobies a lot, or maybe can't be subtle about an alliance)
Your Nicole? (foot job in the jacuzzi, or possibly just obsessive and crazy)
Your Cowboy? (...there is no explanation here that isn't offensive)

The possibilities are endless, people.

And I feel you are the only ones who could understand this question.

You're my Chicken George, you guys.

I mean that complimentarily.

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